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3 Tips on Going Down on a Girl

Advanced techniques on going down on a girlIntroduction

To have a rocking relationship, you need to put some serious efforts. From going down on your knees to propose to your girl to going down on her on the bed, each and every step plays a major role in building up your relationship stronger and stronger.

If you are a first timer, you must take assistance from someone who is experienced. But unfortunately opening up in such matters is a bit difficult. Since the confusion is quite usual in such cases, here are few tips on going down on a girl.

3 Tips on Going Down on a Girl

Start with warming up

Even if it’s not your first time, don’t repeat your mistake of directly moving to the clitoris, dude. Always follow a stepwise instruction to everything, it’s always fruitful. Make your girl comfortable. Remember she is not an object. Let her know how special she is for you. It’s about going down and you must know the reason behind the act being called that way.

A relaxing kiss on her forehead is enough to let her know that she is special. When she is comfortable, she will enjoy otherwise even you won’t feel that passion no matter how intimate you both go. Women like to warm up before their partner plan something beyond. So guys, take care.

Be well-positioned before you find her clitoris

Women like things to be done in a sequence. So guys, follow. Don’t just directly attack her. Use your whole face and not just your fingers and tongue. If you use few fingers, she may not like it and even if you use some more, she may get irritated. Now, what do you do? Ask her when she is more comfortable.

It is often observed that ladies like to see their partners turning animal on the bed. But don’t always take that literally. Be gentle. Clitoris is her sensitive part and you must understand that. Touch it, rub it smoothly, lick it, and feel the wonder.

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Be passionate, ask for feedback

Whether you lock her lips or you play with her clitoris, whatever you do, you must be passionate about it. It shouldn’t look like you’re doing everything just for the sake of it. Never do that. That may let both of you reach orgasm but it won’t be a memorable experience. A passionate love making is always a way to a stronger bonding. Your passion will let your lady feel you’re interested. Once you’re done, talk to her. Find out what she liked and what she didn’t. After all, she is your partner in crime (just joking). Her feedback will help you improve the next time and there will be more fun and excitement.

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Having sex is an important part of your love life. While sweet things you do for your love is romantic, going intimate makes your relationship passionate. Both of these factors work wonders in maintaining the charm in your relationship irrespective of the time both of you have spent together.

The above-mentioned tips for going down on a girl are ideal to be followed by a first timer, and girls are absolutely craving out loud for these techniques. The experienced folks, however, also make some mistakes in attempting for oral sex with their beloved. The tips will surely be a lesson for them as well. It is hoped that they will take good care and will try not repeating the same mistakes again.