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Try These Three Dirty Questions to Turn a Girl On

Hot ass girl turned onRelationships, dating and love create so much drama and heat to the point that we feel they actually add to the increases in global warming. The controversies that emerge from them are definitely responsible for this. They characterized by talking, asking questions and getting to know each other. Ladies, are moved by what they hear and guys are good at maximizing this trait in them to achieve their goals. One of which is to make her fall in love, turn her on and make her want you like no other.

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In this article, I will be picking three dirty questions that can turn your girl on. Most guys want to do this and follow through as much as they can but to do this, you need to know what to say or ask. Before I proceed, let me add that one question will always lead to more questions that can turn her on the more.

1. What’s your best sex position? A question like this might receive a direct answer, multiple answers or a general one like she saying any style works for her. This further goes to create images and pictures in her mind and yours and when she asks you of yours (and you answer), will create images of the you (the guy) trying that style on her. When you give an answer of desiring to carry her and facing the wall or, doggy style, or riding and whatever, you can be sure to have her entire body electrified.

2. Would you want to make out in the bathroom? Sex is such that couples need to explore, be spontaneous, be creative, adventurous and try new stuffs. Doing it in the bedroom and bed is cliché and can be boring. When you ask this question, she will be eager to try it and depending on where you are anything can happen immediately. This question can be rephrased for other areas of the home or public locations like the kitchen, living room, bathtub, a restroom in the cinema, the cinema hall or your car.

3. What are you wearing? This can be asked mostly when you both are away from each or speaking or chatting your mobile phone. For bedtime, she will likely give you an answer that shows she is nude or semi nude. With that alone she will think you love to see her unclothed and taking to another level of telling to show you or asking for a video call can cause shivers and create uncontrollable orgies. With showing you, it goes further to you appreciating her bum or boobs or telling her you are simply on shorts or already hard for her. It can be direct too, are you naked?

Dirty questions that are capable of turning her on vary and one thing is common with such questions; one leads to another, conversations build up in an erotic direction. All you need do is to ensure you keep it going, ask more dirty questions, be creatively naughty and wild. To achieve turning her on further, ensure to answer yours (when she asks) in a manner that is dirty as well, make her imagine it already happening, share the details of a past experience or a movie you saw. With this, the conversation continues endlessly till she is turned on without control.