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How To Finger Your Girl’s Pussy To Orgasm

Girl's Butt Waiting to be FingeredOne of the best ways you can sexually stimulate a girl is by finger-fucking her pussy. Like all things, there’s technique here – you want to optimize your fingering abilities to give her the best experience possible and have her moaning with pleasure and begging you to play with her all the time. Fingering can be, in some ways, even more intimate than regular intercourse. Women will appreciate you taking the time and effort to do it the right way, which is what this article will help you out with.

Getting Started
Before entering her, you’ll want to get her wet. The wetness will act as a natural lubricant to make fingering her easier and more pleasurable. Build up slowly: start playing with her pussy lips a little bit before actually putting your finger in. You can also tease her clitoris a bit. Make her want your fingers inside her, bad. Even once you get her wet, you’ll want to lubricate your fingers before inserting them. Just use your saliva.

Start off with one finger. Be somewhat gentle; you don’t want to move your finger around too fast. Then, after a little time (use your own good judgment here), add another finger. Remember: the whole point of fingering a pussy is to stimulate certain sensitive areas, and it’s actually easier to reach these areas with your fingers than with your dick (which is what makes finger-fucking such a great thing).

Sensitive Areas – the G-Spot and the Deep Spot
The two most important erogenous zones within the vagina are the G-spot and the deep spot. The G-spot is located on the inside of the frontal wall, so to find it put your fingers in her pussy and move them about 2 – 3 inches in. You’ll know when you’ve found the G-spot as your girl will certainly let you know she’s feeling extreme pleasure. The deep spot is a bit further in the vagina and is smooth as compared to the slightly ridged G-spot.

You can pull your fingers in and out of her vagina, starting out slow and gradually increasing in speed, or you can just enter and start playing with her G-spot or deep spot. It’s best to mix the two methods, but once you’ve started playing with one of the two sensitive areas you’ll want to stay there for a few minutes before pulling out again. Apply some pressure to these regions as gentle stroking won’t be enough to give her an orgasm. Don’t be afraid to be a bit forceful, though not overly forceful. A basic technique you can try is moving your finger or fingers around in circles. Let the girl’s moaning and sighing give you some direction as to if you’re doing the right thing. Be her student, if you will – communication is vital here as no two girls’ vaginas will be the same. Because you can directly stimulate the G-Spot and deep spot, girls can cum much faster via fingering than from regular sex. You’ll want to stimulate these areas in a steady and rhythmic way to simulate the feeling of a penis thrusting inside of her, as the vagina reacts best to rhythmic motions (since it’s designed for regular intercourse).

Squirting Orgasms
Keep in mind that fingering is a great way to give a girl squirting orgasms. These can be particularly pleasurable for her. If some liquid comes out, don’t worry – female ejaculate isn’t urine, contrary to popular belief. The girl can feel like she’s about to urinate as the G-spot and deep-spot are close to the bladder, but reassure her that it’s just a feeling if she does. Interestingly, the exact nature of female ejaculate isn’t known; what is known is that it feels good for the woman to squirt it out.
We hope this article has helped you – apply these techniques and before you know it you’ll be a finger-fucking artist. Learn as you go, try not to be nervous if it’s your first time, and before you know it she’ll be begging you for more.