Step by Step Guide to Milking His Prostate

Learn to Milk the ProstateMilking prostate is one of the practices that have been established to increase bedroom intimacy; however, it remains the least practiced among many people. This makes it not to be a common thing amongst lover across the world. Actually, the majority of men do not know that prostate milking can help them achieve high levels of intimacy with their partners as compared to other common sexual practices. In this perspective, it means that for individuals to be able to understand its benefits it is also important that the process is made clear. Knowledge on how to milk prostate is also integral because it helps in preventing potential risks that might result during the process. For instance, if it is not properly done there are high risks that the prostate might be damaged.

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In order to effective conduct prostate milking and achieve the major aim of the process, you have to take a step by step process. This will ensure ultimate effectiveness is going through prostate milking. In the first place, you have to prepare for it. This involves giving attention to the hygiene of both the giver as well as the receiver. Once the two of you have cleaned up, ensure that your man is relaxed. This is important because it will help him not to panic because he might not be in control as it is the case with most intimacy practices.

The next thing to do would be to put on latex gloves which do not tear easily. This would help to protect the man from potential internal injuries. It is possible that the man might suffer injuries in the event that the giver has long nails. The latex gloves, therefore, ensure that the possibilities of injuries are minimized.

The next step would be to establish a comfortable place. This implies that the place for it to be done should be free from intrusion as well as destruction. The choice of place helps to ensure that the ultimate goal of the practice is achieved and that is, to make the man feel the pleasure. It will also be important to establish a comfortable position for both the giver and receiver once a suitable place has been identified.

When all these have been done then you should set off the process of milking the prostate, however, it has to start with a massage. A massage start helps the receiver to be able to relax. It is even important if it is the first time he is being milked. The focus of the massage, in this case, should be on the lower back. It is also significant that the receiver maintains an eye contact when going through these initial stages. Once you have massaged the man to the point of arousal, put on the gloves and lubricate them in order to enhance ease passage through the anus. It is also important to note that the anus has nerve endings which will have to be stimulated first by patting it till it is ready.

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Pass your fingers through the anus and estimate about two inches from the opening there is an oblong shaped lump that is the prostate. Once you have located it does not focus on putting pressure on it immediately. Focus on being gentle with it and this would drive distinctive sensation to the man. Continue gently touching the prostate until the man reaches the point of ejaculation. The above process would help to ensure that the process of milking the prostate effectively achieved and the receiver and the giver meet the overall objective of intimacy.

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