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How to Finger a Woman

Hot girl wanting her to rubUnfortunately, women are not always satisfied with sex. Studies show that only 40% of women reach orgasm during penetration and 40% do not reach orgasm with each penetration. As a man, you need to think about how you can please your woman in bed. One-sided lovemaking is a thing of the past, and if you are worried about your partner’s enjoyment of sex, you must venture into things for her.


One way to help orgasm your woman get into orgasm is to rub her vagina with your fingers. Make sure that she feels well and turned on. Fingering a woman is not the same as putting an oil filter. It requires more skill and attention than your 1967 Shelby GT. Mustang. A woman needs love and attention. Some of the best way to show your affection is through foreplay. There are thousands of ways to perform foreplay, but some of the methods are harmful and should be avoided. The foreplay consists of finger play. Your fingers are a powerful tool to give pleasure to a woman. Therefore, you must master some basic techniques and tips to give a girl an orgasm with your fingers and achieve incredible results. She would be so happy that it will leave her wondering where and how you learned it.


* Rubber technique:

For this technique, you must use your index and middle finger. The pleasure point is the clitoris, which follows a slow but constant circular motion. You may want to increase the speed of the motion, but make sure you do not do it too fast to hurt her. Once you both have a rhythm, slowly insert these fingers into the vagina.


* The fastest finger technique:

This technique is ideal for women who prefer a kind of aggressive sex that allows them to stimulate their fingers at high speeds. The best position for this technique is to spread her legs apart while kneeling in front of her.

* Sliding technique:

Before performing this technique, make sure she is lubricated properly. Place the tips of your index and middle fingers on the sides of her clitoris. Then push slowly into the opening of your vagina. Repeat this maneuver several times and the friction will send her orgasm pleasure.


Sometimes your partner may not be into sex but still wants to have an orgasm. There are some ways that you can give her that, but fingering her is a quick and simple way to bring a woman to climax. When you stimulate a woman’s vagina with your fingers, she can become pure bliss. This is of course given if you use the right techniques. While the above techniques are very useful, you and your partner need to find out exactly what you like. The tips above are an excellent way to give an orgasm.

Before trying anything, remember that she needs to be turned on and in the right mood before starting doing anything to her vagina. You cannot just throw her on the bed and put your fingers in it. You have to get her into sex and seduce her.

Try These Three Dirty Questions to Turn a Girl On

Hot ass girl turned onRelationships, dating and love create so much drama and heat to the point that we feel they actually add to the increases in global warming. The controversies that emerge from them are definitely responsible for this. They characterized by talking, asking questions and getting to know each other. Ladies, are moved by what they hear and guys are good at maximizing this trait in them to achieve their goals. One of which is to make her fall in love, turn her on and make her want you like no other.

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In this article, I will be picking three dirty questions that can turn your girl on. Most guys want to do this and follow through as much as they can but to do this, you need to know what to say or ask. Before I proceed, let me add that one question will always lead to more questions that can turn her on the more.

1. What’s your best sex position? A question like this might receive a direct answer, multiple answers or a general one like she saying any style works for her. This further goes to create images and pictures in her mind and yours and when she asks you of yours (and you answer), will create images of the you (the guy) trying that style on her. When you give an answer of desiring to carry her and facing the wall or, doggy style, or riding and whatever, you can be sure to have her entire body electrified.

2. Would you want to make out in the bathroom? Sex is such that couples need to explore, be spontaneous, be creative, adventurous and try new stuffs. Doing it in the bedroom and bed is cliché and can be boring. When you ask this question, she will be eager to try it and depending on where you are anything can happen immediately. This question can be rephrased for other areas of the home or public locations like the kitchen, living room, bathtub, a restroom in the cinema, the cinema hall or your car.

3. What are you wearing? This can be asked mostly when you both are away from each or speaking or chatting your mobile phone. For bedtime, she will likely give you an answer that shows she is nude or semi nude. With that alone she will think you love to see her unclothed and taking to another level of telling to show you or asking for a video call can cause shivers and create uncontrollable orgies. With showing you, it goes further to you appreciating her bum or boobs or telling her you are simply on shorts or already hard for her. It can be direct too, are you naked?

Dirty questions that are capable of turning her on vary and one thing is common with such questions; one leads to another, conversations build up in an erotic direction. All you need do is to ensure you keep it going, ask more dirty questions, be creatively naughty and wild. To achieve turning her on further, ensure to answer yours (when she asks) in a manner that is dirty as well, make her imagine it already happening, share the details of a past experience or a movie you saw. With this, the conversation continues endlessly till she is turned on without control.

3 Tips on Going Down on a Girl

Advanced techniques on going down on a girlIntroduction

To have a rocking relationship, you need to put some serious efforts. From going down on your knees to propose to your girl to going down on her on the bed, each and every step plays a major role in building up your relationship stronger and stronger.

If you are a first timer, you must take assistance from someone who is experienced. But unfortunately opening up in such matters is a bit difficult. Since the confusion is quite usual in such cases, here are few tips on going down on a girl.

3 Tips on Going Down on a Girl

Start with warming up

Even if it’s not your first time, don’t repeat your mistake of directly moving to the clitoris, dude. Always follow a stepwise instruction to everything, it’s always fruitful. Make your girl comfortable. Remember she is not an object. Let her know how special she is for you. It’s about going down and you must know the reason behind the act being called that way.

A relaxing kiss on her forehead is enough to let her know that she is special. When she is comfortable, she will enjoy otherwise even you won’t feel that passion no matter how intimate you both go. Women like to warm up before their partner plan something beyond. So guys, take care.

Be well-positioned before you find her clitoris

Women like things to be done in a sequence. So guys, follow. Don’t just directly attack her. Use your whole face and not just your fingers and tongue. If you use few fingers, she may not like it and even if you use some more, she may get irritated. Now, what do you do? Ask her when she is more comfortable.

It is often observed that ladies like to see their partners turning animal on the bed. But don’t always take that literally. Be gentle. Clitoris is her sensitive part and you must understand that. Touch it, rub it smoothly, lick it, and feel the wonder.

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Be passionate, ask for feedback

Whether you lock her lips or you play with her clitoris, whatever you do, you must be passionate about it. It shouldn’t look like you’re doing everything just for the sake of it. Never do that. That may let both of you reach orgasm but it won’t be a memorable experience. A passionate love making is always a way to a stronger bonding. Your passion will let your lady feel you’re interested. Once you’re done, talk to her. Find out what she liked and what she didn’t. After all, she is your partner in crime (just joking). Her feedback will help you improve the next time and there will be more fun and excitement.

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Having sex is an important part of your love life. While sweet things you do for your love is romantic, going intimate makes your relationship passionate. Both of these factors work wonders in maintaining the charm in your relationship irrespective of the time both of you have spent together.

The above-mentioned tips for going down on a girl are ideal to be followed by a first timer, and girls are absolutely craving out loud for these techniques. The experienced folks, however, also make some mistakes in attempting for oral sex with their beloved. The tips will surely be a lesson for them as well. It is hoped that they will take good care and will try not repeating the same mistakes again.

Step by Step Guide to Milking His Prostate

Learn to Milk the ProstateMilking prostate is one of the practices that have been established to increase bedroom intimacy; however, it remains the least practiced among many people. This makes it not to be a common thing amongst lover across the world. Actually, the majority of men do not know that prostate milking can help them achieve high levels of intimacy with their partners as compared to other common sexual practices. In this perspective, it means that for individuals to be able to understand its benefits it is also important that the process is made clear. Knowledge on how to milk prostate is also integral because it helps in preventing potential risks that might result during the process. For instance, if it is not properly done there are high risks that the prostate might be damaged.

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In order to effective conduct prostate milking and achieve the major aim of the process, you have to take a step by step process. This will ensure ultimate effectiveness is going through prostate milking. In the first place, you have to prepare for it. This involves giving attention to the hygiene of both the giver as well as the receiver. Once the two of you have cleaned up, ensure that your man is relaxed. This is important because it will help him not to panic because he might not be in control as it is the case with most intimacy practices.

The next thing to do would be to put on latex gloves which do not tear easily. This would help to protect the man from potential internal injuries. It is possible that the man might suffer injuries in the event that the giver has long nails. The latex gloves, therefore, ensure that the possibilities of injuries are minimized.

The next step would be to establish a comfortable place. This implies that the place for it to be done should be free from intrusion as well as destruction. The choice of place helps to ensure that the ultimate goal of the practice is achieved and that is, to make the man feel the pleasure. It will also be important to establish a comfortable position for both the giver and receiver once a suitable place has been identified.

When all these have been done then you should set off the process of milking the prostate, however, it has to start with a massage. A massage start helps the receiver to be able to relax. It is even important if it is the first time he is being milked. The focus of the massage, in this case, should be on the lower back. It is also significant that the receiver maintains an eye contact when going through these initial stages. Once you have massaged the man to the point of arousal, put on the gloves and lubricate them in order to enhance ease passage through the anus. It is also important to note that the anus has nerve endings which will have to be stimulated first by patting it till it is ready.

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Pass your fingers through the anus and estimate about two inches from the opening there is an oblong shaped lump that is the prostate. Once you have located it does not focus on putting pressure on it immediately. Focus on being gentle with it and this would drive distinctive sensation to the man. Continue gently touching the prostate until the man reaches the point of ejaculation. The above process would help to ensure that the process of milking the prostate effectively achieved and the receiver and the giver meet the overall objective of intimacy.

Why the Sentence “The Bigger The Better” is so True?

Hot Girl Seeking a Big DickA quick search on the internet about penis size returns thousands of links to sites explaining a gamut of issues touching on the size of the penis. It is no wonder that penis size is one of the most commonly cited insecurity among men all over the world. Owing to this factor, there are various pundits who purport to offer the right remedy inform of creams and pills for any man who feels he is too small in the nether regions. A much neglected topic which is of equal important as to the physical size of the dick is the mental perception that the man has about his dick. The physical and psychological perspective of the thickness of a dick have some unprecedented effects on the sexual experience.

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Sexual satisfaction or prowess of any individual is based on the ability to push the boundaries of what is supposed to be acceptable and what is a taboo. Often, the adventurous role is relegated to the man while the women assume the adjudicator’s duty. Being able to bring all the confidence that one can muster into the bedroom can assure him of the best ratings from the women or men that he will take to bed.

Therefore, having the best view of one’s endowment is as important as the actual physical size of his member. The above perspective is particularly effective when the dick size is in the second quartile of the population. Being averagely endowed can work either in favor of the individual or otherwise. The outcome rests entirely on the ability of that individual to think about his dick thickness in the most positive manner. This aspect means that the individual has to convince himself that he is the most hung fellow in the gym. Believing that one has the thickest penis in the entire gym can work wonders in the bedroom since it is a morale booster.

While aiming at the best mental perspective, it is important that one has a thick dick. Women have confessed in the past that the dick length is not necessarily as important as the girth. This finding is also corroborated by the biological evidence whereby a vaginal canal has a depth ranging from 3-5inches. In as much as the vaginal canal is elastic, its depth can only extend to a certain limit beyond which the sexual experience turns from fun into torture. However, with a thick dick, the elasticity of the vaginal canal can be extended to provide a tight grip during the entire sexual experience (read more about it in this article to learn more).

In conclusion, a positive mentality about the thickness of one’s dick is as important as the actual physical thickness. Positive mentality raises confidence in the individual, hence increasing his propensity of enjoying the sexual experience. Additionally, a positive mentality about the thickness of one’s dick can contribute to the overall sense of adventure needed to make any sexual encounter memorable. A physically thick dick is important in that it increases the chances of a sexual experience being enjoyable for both parties at anytime.