Best Foods to Have a Yummy Cum

Hot Girl Waiting for CumAfter a night out and a great time, you and your date hit back home for some fun time. She drops to her knees and starts to give it all she has got and the last thing you want to hear is her puking from how bad your cum tasted. Sex experts believe that amazing cum comes from the best of diets. Vegans and vegetarians are often said to produce the best of bodily fluids but we don’t ask of you to make this life-changing diet decision just in exchange for a yummy cum. All we suggest is a list of foods that help you achieve luscious and tasty milky goodness that will bring all the girls to the yard (Read: 8 Ways to Increase the Load You Ejaculate).

Fruits and Vegetables

Anything natural like fruits and vegetables have not only a great impact on your body’s health but also makes your cum taste divine. Less of all the junk from processed food helps your body secrete a unique tasting fluid that will definitely keep her coming for more. So why wait, chow those fruits and greens down even if you hate them!


Red meat has its benefits but often face the criticism of imparting a metallic taste to bodily fluids. Not always a pleasant taste but poultry does a good swap for this and lightens the overall goodness of how you taste. Trust me, she will be licking all of it up like there is no tomorrow. Anyway, it won’t be a permanent conversion of diets to just poultry. It’s just for an average of 2 to 3 days for the body to clear out metallic tastes and replace it with lip smacking juices.


Cliché but spices could sure spice up your night. Not literal fire in your woman’s mouth but there is a certain tantalizing punch when you have been including some cinnamon or peppermint in your diet. Some cinnamon or peppermint tea should do just the trick. In no time she will be sipping you till the very last drop.

Nothing with onions, garlic or broccoli

Think of these three food as pure evil. Not only do they give you a bad breath if you’re on a hot and steamy date, they do not leave your body all that quickly either. The pungent smell and taste does linger and will throw both your woman and a vampire off.

No fried food

Saturated fats and all that jazz is not the best for your jizz. Popular word is that eating fried food often makes your cum taste all sour and this is often not the kind of taste that girls look forward to. You want her to be going on you like her most favorite lollipop and fried food is definitely not going to help you achieve this.

Stay away from coffee, alcohol and cigarettes

Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are a hard combination to give up right away especially if you are a coffee addict and a smoker to top that. Alcohol intake can be controlled. The problem with these three is that it turns a bitter spell on your magic potion. Keep at least one out of the list and let your tigress have a go at it. Should she find any difference in your cum tasting less bitter, stick with that or experiment along the way to see what suits both your lifestyle and her preferences. It is after all her tongue that hits the jackpot.

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