Why the Sentence “The Bigger The Better” is so True?

Hot Girl Seeking a Big DickA quick search on the internet about penis size returns thousands of links to sites explaining a gamut of issues touching on the size of the penis. It is no wonder that penis size is one of the most commonly cited insecurity among men all over the world. Owing to this factor, there are various pundits who purport to offer the right remedy inform of creams and pills for any man who feels he is too small in the nether regions. A much neglected topic which is of equal important as to the physical size of the dick is the mental perception that the man has about his dick. The physical and psychological perspective of the thickness of a dick have some unprecedented effects on the sexual experience.

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Sexual satisfaction or prowess of any individual is based on the ability to push the boundaries of what is supposed to be acceptable and what is a taboo. Often, the adventurous role is relegated to the man while the women assume the adjudicator’s duty. Being able to bring all the confidence that one can muster into the bedroom can assure him of the best ratings from the women or men that he will take to bed.

Therefore, having the best view of one’s endowment is as important as the actual physical size of his member. The above perspective is particularly effective when the dick size is in the second quartile of the population. Being averagely endowed can work either in favor of the individual or otherwise. The outcome rests entirely on the ability of that individual to think about his dick thickness in the most positive manner. This aspect means that the individual has to convince himself that he is the most hung fellow in the gym. Believing that one has the thickest penis in the entire gym can work wonders in the bedroom since it is a morale booster.

While aiming at the best mental perspective, it is important that one has a thick dick. Women have confessed in the past that the dick length is not necessarily as important as the girth. This finding is also corroborated by the biological evidence whereby a vaginal canal has a depth ranging from 3-5inches. In as much as the vaginal canal is elastic, its depth can only extend to a certain limit beyond which the sexual experience turns from fun into torture. However, with a thick dick, the elasticity of the vaginal canal can be extended to provide a tight grip during the entire sexual experience (read more about it in this article to learn more).

In conclusion, a positive mentality about the thickness of one’s dick is as important as the actual physical thickness. Positive mentality raises confidence in the individual, hence increasing his propensity of enjoying the sexual experience. Additionally, a positive mentality about the thickness of one’s dick can contribute to the overall sense of adventure needed to make any sexual encounter memorable. A physically thick dick is important in that it increases the chances of a sexual experience being enjoyable for both parties at anytime.

How To Finger Your Girl’s Pussy To Orgasm

Girl's Butt Waiting to be FingeredOne of the best ways you can sexually stimulate a girl is by finger-fucking her pussy. Like all things, there’s technique here – you want to optimize your fingering abilities to give her the best experience possible and have her moaning with pleasure and begging you to play with her all the time. Fingering can be, in some ways, even more intimate than regular intercourse. Women will appreciate you taking the time and effort to do it the right way, which is what this article will help you out with.

Getting Started
Before entering her, you’ll want to get her wet. The wetness will act as a natural lubricant to make fingering her easier and more pleasurable. Build up slowly: start playing with her pussy lips a little bit before actually putting your finger in. You can also tease her clitoris a bit. Make her want your fingers inside her, bad. Even once you get her wet, you’ll want to lubricate your fingers before inserting them. Just use your saliva.

Start off with one finger. Be somewhat gentle; you don’t want to move your finger around too fast. Then, after a little time (use your own good judgment here), add another finger. Remember: the whole point of fingering a pussy is to stimulate certain sensitive areas, and it’s actually easier to reach these areas with your fingers than with your dick (which is what makes finger-fucking such a great thing).

Sensitive Areas – the G-Spot and the Deep Spot
The two most important erogenous zones within the vagina are the G-spot and the deep spot. The G-spot is located on the inside of the frontal wall, so to find it put your fingers in her pussy and move them about 2 – 3 inches in. You’ll know when you’ve found the G-spot as your girl will certainly let you know she’s feeling extreme pleasure. The deep spot is a bit further in the vagina and is smooth as compared to the slightly ridged G-spot.

You can pull your fingers in and out of her vagina, starting out slow and gradually increasing in speed, or you can just enter and start playing with her G-spot or deep spot. It’s best to mix the two methods, but once you’ve started playing with one of the two sensitive areas you’ll want to stay there for a few minutes before pulling out again. Apply some pressure to these regions as gentle stroking won’t be enough to give her an orgasm. Don’t be afraid to be a bit forceful, though not overly forceful. A basic technique you can try is moving your finger or fingers around in circles. Let the girl’s moaning and sighing give you some direction as to if you’re doing the right thing. Be her student, if you will – communication is vital here as no two girls’ vaginas will be the same. Because you can directly stimulate the G-Spot and deep spot, girls can cum much faster via fingering than from regular sex. You’ll want to stimulate these areas in a steady and rhythmic way to simulate the feeling of a penis thrusting inside of her, as the vagina reacts best to rhythmic motions (since it’s designed for regular intercourse).

Squirting Orgasms
Keep in mind that fingering is a great way to give a girl squirting orgasms. These can be particularly pleasurable for her. If some liquid comes out, don’t worry – female ejaculate isn’t urine, contrary to popular belief. The girl can feel like she’s about to urinate as the G-spot and deep-spot are close to the bladder, but reassure her that it’s just a feeling if she does. Interestingly, the exact nature of female ejaculate isn’t known; what is known is that it feels good for the woman to squirt it out.
We hope this article has helped you – apply these techniques and before you know it you’ll be a finger-fucking artist. Learn as you go, try not to be nervous if it’s your first time, and before you know it she’ll be begging you for more.

Best Foods to Have a Yummy Cum

Hot Girl Waiting for CumAfter a night out and a great time, you and your date hit back home for some fun time. She drops to her knees and starts to give it all she has got and the last thing you want to hear is her puking from how bad your cum tasted. Sex experts believe that amazing cum comes from the best of diets. Vegans and vegetarians are often said to produce the best of bodily fluids but we don’t ask of you to make this life-changing diet decision just in exchange for a yummy cum. All we suggest is a list of foods that help you achieve luscious and tasty milky goodness that will bring all the girls to the yard (Read: 8 Ways to Increase the Load You Ejaculate).

Fruits and Vegetables

Anything natural like fruits and vegetables have not only a great impact on your body’s health but also makes your cum taste divine. Less of all the junk from processed food helps your body secrete a unique tasting fluid that will definitely keep her coming for more. So why wait, chow those fruits and greens down even if you hate them!


Red meat has its benefits but often face the criticism of imparting a metallic taste to bodily fluids. Not always a pleasant taste but poultry does a good swap for this and lightens the overall goodness of how you taste. Trust me, she will be licking all of it up like there is no tomorrow. Anyway, it won’t be a permanent conversion of diets to just poultry. It’s just for an average of 2 to 3 days for the body to clear out metallic tastes and replace it with lip smacking juices.


Cliché but spices could sure spice up your night. Not literal fire in your woman’s mouth but there is a certain tantalizing punch when you have been including some cinnamon or peppermint in your diet. Some cinnamon or peppermint tea should do just the trick. In no time she will be sipping you till the very last drop.

Nothing with onions, garlic or broccoli

Think of these three food as pure evil. Not only do they give you a bad breath if you’re on a hot and steamy date, they do not leave your body all that quickly either. The pungent smell and taste does linger and will throw both your woman and a vampire off.

No fried food

Saturated fats and all that jazz is not the best for your jizz. Popular word is that eating fried food often makes your cum taste all sour and this is often not the kind of taste that girls look forward to. You want her to be going on you like her most favorite lollipop and fried food is definitely not going to help you achieve this.

Stay away from coffee, alcohol and cigarettes

Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are a hard combination to give up right away especially if you are a coffee addict and a smoker to top that. Alcohol intake can be controlled. The problem with these three is that it turns a bitter spell on your magic potion. Keep at least one out of the list and let your tigress have a go at it. Should she find any difference in your cum tasting less bitter, stick with that or experiment along the way to see what suits both your lifestyle and her preferences. It is after all her tongue that hits the jackpot.

8 Ways to Increase the Load You Ejaculate

Single Sperm Travelling Through the MediumThe amount of semen produced during sexual intercourse is always a matter of concern for most men. That’s why many go for products, some of which are inefficient, claiming to improve the amount of semen that can be produced upon ejaculation. Well, the usual volume of semen you may produce during ejaculation is between 2 and 5 milliliters/ ejaculation. Read on to discover the several ways you may increase the amount of semen you are able to produce upon ejaculation.

How to Increase the Load You Ejaculate: 8 Options

1. PC Exercise

Simply, pubococcygeus ( PC) exercise is said to enhance the amount of ejaculate, and extend your orgasm’s duration. The pubococcygeus muscles are responsible, with some help, for the force of ejaculation you may produce. When the muscles are strong, you are going to be able to exert more force when you ejaculate.

2. Manage Your Stress

Stress may lead to several health implications. Stress hormones may affect your body’s testosterone production that performs a major role in production of sperm. Stress, therefore, is a bad thing. You should manage it.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Yes, a healthy diet is going to influence how you ejaculate more. The food we eat affects directly our body functions, so does the production of sperm. Make sure you maintain a diet which is high in whole grains, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and low fat for the health of your sperm.

4. Wear the Right Clothes and Underwear

You should avoid wearing tight trousers and underwear. This is going to lower the pressure around your genital, keeping it cool. The ideal temperature for your testicle is a bit lower when compared to the normal temperature of the body. Too tight trousers and underwear is going to increase the temperature of your scrotal area, consequently reducing the amount of sperm and semen produced upon ejaculation.

It’s advised you wear loose, cotton-made underwear instead of briefs or those tight ones. Also, you may rather wear jockstrap when involved in sports activities.

5. Stop Smoking

This is another reason to kick out this habit, which has several bad effects on your health. Smoking reduces sperm count by 22 percent, and makes your sperm slower or smaller. This is believed to be because of a protein imbalance resulting from smoking.

6. Take Effective Supplements

Amino Acids: This is believed to, when taken regularly, increase the amount of your ejaculate fluid (though not actual sperm levels).

Zinc: This has been proven to enhance the amount of sperm you produce as well as its proficiency

Horny Goat Weed: Known also as epimedium sagittatum, this plant may help in increasing your testosterone levels and libido, and thus your semen.

Pumpkin Seeds: Even though these seeds might not easily and immediately increase your sperm volume, with no effect on your sperm itself the seeds may promote prostate health as well as increase testosterone.

7. Reduce Sex and Masturbation

Your masturbation and sex frequency influence how you ejaculate. Remember always that when you ejaculate more, your sperm will become less dense. To ejaculate more, simply reduce your sexual activities and the amount you masturbate.

8. Have Safe Sex

Finally, you should avoid contracting STD by practicing safe sex. For example, a number of STD’s such as chlamydia may lead to sterility in both males and females.